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Nauchandi Magical bracelet
Nauchandi Magical bracelet

Powerful Baglamukhi Kavach | Astro Talisman

Powerful Baglamukhi Kavach | Astro Talisman
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 Baglamukhi kavach/amulet   Baglamukhi kavach/amulet   $99.00  Buy Now 
 Beesa  kavach/Amulet   Beesa kavach/Amulet   $101.00  Buy Now 
 Brahaspati (jupiter) kavach   Brahaspati (jupiter) kavach   $150.00  Buy Now 
 Dus mahavidya kavach   Dus mahavidya kavach   $320.00  Buy Now 
 Ganesh Kavach/ Amulet   Ganesh Kavach/ Amulet   $120.00  Buy Now 
 Hanuman Kavach/amulet   Hanuman Kavach/amulet   $80.00  Buy Now 
 Kali kavach/amulet   Kali kavach/amulet   $90.00  Buy Now 
 kamalatmika amulet or kavach   kamalatmika amulet or kavach   $121.00  $114.95  Buy Now 
 MahaLaxmi Kavach/amulet   MahaLaxmi Kavach/amulet   $80.00  Buy Now 
 Mahamritunjya kavach/amulet   Mahamritunjya kavach/amulet   $85.00  Buy Now 
 Narayan Kavach   Narayan Kavach   $85.00  $110.00  Buy Now 
 Navgraha Kavach or amulet   Navgraha Kavach or amulet   $150.00  Buy Now 
 Raksha Kavach   Raksha Kavach   $150.00  Buy Now 
 Saraswati talisman kavach   Saraswati talisman kavach   $210.00  Buy Now 
 Sarva karya sidhi kavach/Amulet   Sarva karya sidhi kavach/Amulet   $150.00  Buy Now 
 Vashikaran Kavach/amulet   Vashikaran Kavach/amulet   $121.00  Buy Now 
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A "Kavach" or amulets is a shield or protection against any type of danger . Amulet will be protect you against the malefic influences of planets. It is a small object which is empowered by doing mantra and fire ritual as per said by ancient saints and written in holy books . It bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. Our metaphysical Kavach/Talisman/amulets are infused with the power of the creator and now you can use their powers to help you through difficult times in your life.These is very powerful tool and vedic lucky charms used for Good Fortune,Divine Protection,Money and Wealth,for Attraction &Vashikaran. Our Kavach yantra are first made in bhojpatra in very auspicious time and then purified and Energized / Siddhi through an vedic ritual by specialized priests in India and the Pranpratishtha ritual is done to invoke energies in the Yantra made in Bhojpatra .Energizing or Sanitizing Yantra is most important process in Yantra remedy. This work is done with utmost care & purity. Puja or Energization of the Amulet/kavach yantras are done by learned Pandit/Guru/Preist , specialized in energizing the kavach yantras by the Mantras and Homam( Fire rituals) . The amulets/ kavach are worn for their specific benefits ,
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Manggala Shakti Oil
Hello Yogi, I would like to thank you for this Shakti oil ..
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