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Laxmi peti or box

Rs. 10000/ USD 220

Laxmi peti or box is a small beutiful meenakari work box fully energized in a very auspicious time like diwali , holi and in lunar or solar eclipse with very ancient and secret method told by spiritual GURU and with 1.25 lakh of laxmi mantras By keeping this laxmi peti or box in the cash box or where you kept your money you will never run out of money . This box comes with chirmi beads and one seven mukhi rudraksha ,1 mahalaxmi yantram and some tantra item . keeping this is sufficient for to get blessing of GODDESS LAXMI . You will see the difference within a month by acquiring this .You will never run out of money . Wealth will increase day by day . Very good for person who do share market business , by acquiring this he/she will take right decision at right time and earn good profit . IT act as miracle for businessman. Their business will expand day by day. The box shape size may vary as per availibility