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Rudra kali talisman amulet

Rs. 14900/ USD 199

Rudra kali talisman is one of the most powerful herb which contain the power of Rudra kali one of the most powerful form of Mahakali . This herb is rarely found in the deep forest . We get this from local tribal tantrik saints who stay in the forest . After getting this talisman we energised and activated its power by doing powerful tantrik ritual for several days and make it many times more powerful . This powerful herb talisman is very powerful for to enhance the attraction and hynotism power , for to get promotion ,attract boss attract employee and people surround you , for to get rid of black magic and all evil power and bad spirits. protection from sudden mishaps and accidents .help you to make you successfull . This talisman herb we put it in amulet and prepare as locket to wear around the neck . And it can be kept in pocket and purse also . Just have it and feel the difference in your life .