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Astrotalisman.com is brought to you by an association of renowned and leading astrologers who are devoted by their holy work to eradicate the human being problems through their vast and divine knowledge of the Astrology.

Through this website, we offer you the Products and Services of Astrologers who have vast experience in Astrology and Remedial measures

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Our Special Products

Here, you will find the best offer products.

Laxmi peti or box

USD 220 USD 225
RS 10000 Rs 10575

Jinn for Business & Career Success

USD 340 USD 350
RS 16000 Rs 16450

Chamunda Power Talisman with silver case

USD 240 USD 250
RS 11500 Rs 11750

Magical most powerful talisman in planet

USD 3000 USD 3500
RS 150000 Rs 164500


USD 1000 USD 1400
RS 61000 Rs 65800

Satchandi anusthan yagna

USD 2100 USD 2200
RS 100000 Rs 103400

777 khodamic ring

USD 800 USD 1000
RS 40000 Rs 47000

Sarp shakti talisman

USD 950 USD 1150
RS 51000 Rs 54050

Varah power lucky charm talisman amulet

USD 600 USD 650
RS 29000 Rs 30000

Our Products

Arjuna Power

RS 11750/ USD 250

Khodamic Ring

RS 13500/ USD 250


RS 4465/ USD 95

Genei for Wealth

RS 42300/ USD 900

Nurul Asror Tasbih

RS 16450/ USD 350


RS 49350/ USD 1050

Ast sidhi talisman

RS 22325/ USD 475

Tiger moustache

RS 35250/ USD 750

Tiger lucky charm

RS 25850/ USD 550

Opal per carat

RS 705/ USD 15

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Check our new product Mahakal talisman for protection and money

What Our Customers Say

I order for type 2 ring ,i must say they have good customer support system . I am getting good result .

Preetesh goel , india

08 March 2022, 04:03:08 AM

I purchased chamunda talisman a month back. And I am getting really good and positive results. I have been getting alot of opportunities in my job after getting this. Thanks to astrotalisman

Yash Raj, india

03 February 2022, 04:29:08 AM

I got my order, very fast response ,thanks

Amby , washington , united states

22 January 2022, 03:39:00 AM

I received my order chamunda and mahalaxmi talisman in good condition , thanks and regrds

Ashish ,india

19 December 2021, 04:30:07 AM

I got my chamunda talisman safely , thanks

Priyal ,india

05 December 2021, 06:14:23 AM

I got maharudra shakti talisman and some rudraksha in good condition , thanks

Benjamin, USA

14 June 2020, 06:30:00 PM

I am using varah power and getting very good help .thanks to astrotalisman team .


08 May 2021, 06:30:00 PM

I used their 2 talisman , sarp shakti talisman and chamunda talisman . They are realy life changing for me .

Abuja ,nigeria

29 April 2021, 06:30:00 PM

I am satisfied with the result of maharudra shakti talisman .i am feeling blessed and strong connectivity with Lord Shiva .

H. Jalan

13 June 2020, 06:30:00 PM

I am satisfied with the result of chamunda talisman and varah power . god bless

S. Ahuja ,

12 July 2021, 06:30:00 PM

my testimony is that you and your team have done great things for me and changed my life for good, may God continue to be with you sir, Thanks so much sir from your servant, Aloysius ogochkwu ojukwu, Nigeria Thanks so much for journey mercy sir

Aloysius ogochkwu

20 August 2021, 06:30:00 PM

Purchased many talisman from this website and performed satchandi anusthan . I am very much satisfied .

mahesh kumar daga

04 August 2021, 06:30:00 PM

Hello astrotalisman team , i love your all product which i am using since last 3 years , thanks

Indu jalan

08 June 2021, 06:30:00 PM

I used 3 items from this website 1. varah power talisman 2. Nauchandi bracelet 3. Chamunda talisman . They all work beyond my expectation. Thanks


31 January 2020, 06:30:00 PM

i received my order item chamunda talisman and tiger lucky charm and i really love them

sanjay khemani

26 October 2015, 06:30:00 PM

I just received my order of chamunda talisman and varah power amulet in good condition .they are realy good powerful talisman .The packing is very good .


22 March 2016, 06:30:00 PM