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Tridev mani mala ( mini version)

Rs. 329000/ USD 7000

The one who doesnt afford to have tridev mani mala due to its cost then they goes for this mini version of this mala effets is same .This mala consist of 16+1=17 beads of 14 mukhi rudraksha which is said that it born from the third eye of Lord Shiva , Wearer himself become like lord Shiva , All God Goddess in this world reside within this tridev mani mala , It awakens the third eyes of the wearer from which he can see the future , It protects the wearer from all sins , calamities , accidents , black magic , miseries and worries and provide safety and security to the wearer , IF somebody do black magic to the wearer then it return the black magic to the attacker , and the the attacker suffer a lot , It is said that Lord HAnuman always give protection to the wearer of this dev mani and nobody dare to do rivalry with the wearer If somebody is suffering from saturn then it act as the powerful antidote to neutralise its effects , It so powerful that we have no words to say only one sentence is enought that it have power to fulfill all desire of human being and give the wearer all pleasure , happiness , protection good health , wealth financial gain that we want in our life For to attains moksha in your life our guruji highly recommend this dev mani mala energised by our guruji himself .This mala can give wearer all types of comforts and sidhis in her or his life . Guruji personally experienced that after wearing this mala for few days Lord Shiva Himself Comes to wearer fulfill his or her desires This is very the unique product of our site .This mala is fully energised with 1.25 lakh of mahamritunjaya mantra . In case of any quiries just contact us .