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   I purchased different types of talisman and amulets from astrotalisman since last 9 to 10 years . This is my first review . As per result i highly recommend their product .best wishes for astrotalisman team
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   i am using varah power and got very positive results. Thank you
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   Varah power working good . Regrds
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   The Chamunda talisman is working. I bought it for my wife, she had been having some trouble with her work and was feeling very negative about herself.we also having some big fight. After she started using the Chamunda talisman I noticed that she was changed, she had a lot more self-esteem and we were much closer to one another.
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   Their genie talisman work well for me .thanks
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   I am using the maha tantra vashikaran talisman from a month , i must say it is one of the best vashikaran talisman . Regards and best wishes to whole team of astrotalisman .
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   I am satisfied with the result of chamunda talisman and varah power . god bless
Posted By : S. Ahuja , On : 12/7/2021
   my testimony is that you and your team have done great things for me and changed my life for good, may God continue to be with you sir, Thanks so much sir from your servant, Aloysius ogochkwu ojukwu, Nigeria Thanks so much for journey mercy sir
Posted By : Aloysius ogochkwu On : 20/8/2021
   Purchased many talisman from this website and performed satchandi anusthan . I am very much satisfied .
Posted By : mahesh kumar daga On : 04/8/2021
   Hello astrotalisman team , i love your all product which i am using since last 3 years , thanks
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   Dear its been a year since having Chamunda amulet and I want to say thank you for your guidance at that particular time for helping me choose the right talisman. The talisman is a powerful source for protection and has help me thru a lot of obstacles. God Bless
Posted By : Simon On : 19/4/2018
   They introduced the new item nauchandi bracelet some day back and it look interesting i buyed it immediately and when i received and hold it in my hand my whole body from head to toe start vibrating which is almost for 30 to 40 minutes .i Understand the tremendous power of nauchandi bracelet ,Thanks to yogi
Posted By : Stephen On : 20/11/2016
   After thorough research i buyed the nauchandi bracelet and chamunda talisman and using it for almost a month . I always feel a very powerful spiritual force with me .Thanks for such wonderful gift .
Posted By : Reddy On : 30/1/2017
   Working well , thanks
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   I buyed the gambling stone and varah power lucky charm and i must say it worked wonders for me. I won a lottery in that very week in which i start using it. My condition got better , all thanks to this powerful charm
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   i already buyed lot of item from this website and i love to buy more .Their item are most authentic .Thanks to Astrotalisman team
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   I am using chamunda talisman and varah power for last one month .Everything is well .keep it up
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   Sarp shakti talisman is such a powerful talisman. I felt the energy release all my bad luck and protects me from bad situations. I also feel more confident and luckier. Great investment for opportunities
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   I purchased and used the varah power lucky charm talisman amulet for vashikaran( hypnotism and love spell ) and i am very much satisified . Thanks
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   I am using the shark power talisman amulet from last one month and experiencing very good result , thanks
Posted By : joseph On : 27/1/2014
Posted By : rakesh chakraborty On : 08/12/2013
   This testimonial is a follow up to the one I posted recently about the Power Pearl 1001 night. A few days after this Pearl supernaturally appeared in my lap I set it on my bed that is covered by a quilt that makes it very hard to see white colored stones. I carefully looked for the Pearl and then frustrated wondering if I could ever see this Pearl on the quilt I put my right hand down on the quilt with the little finger (5th finger) pointed downwards gently on its surface. Just as my little finger made contact I felt something hit like it had been thrown at my hand. I looked down at my little finger and there the Pearl rested just on the edge of the finger nail. This is one more time when the Power Pearl 1001 night magically moved through time and space to make itself known and this time when I thought the Pearl might be lost. What website is offering is the real Magic that is natural in God\'s magnificent Kingdom.
Posted By : Acharya Nikhil Dev On : 22/9/2013
   I would like to say that all the items they have do have power and they are very powerful in good way I have been using there items for a while and I will still use them ..the response is very quickly 100% genuine..i pray for them..a.nawaz..uk
Posted By : a.nawaz uk On : 21/9/2013
   I was meditating with the Chamunda Power Talisman, when all of a sudden the 1001 Pearl I purchased in 2009 supernaturally appeared and dropped right into my lap. I had it in another location and was meditating wondering if I should hold onto any kind of a Talisman when doing so. It was at the moment that the Pearl decided to magically appear for me to hold as an answer to my question. The energy flow with the holding of the Pearl 1001 in relationship to any spiritual practice and the use of any other talisman is dramatically enhanced and with plenty of ecstasy and joy saturating me and the surrounding environment.
Posted By : Acharya Nikhil Dev On : 21/9/2013
   inshallah god has given you power for good things and help other peoples I will pray every time for you ..thank you
Posted By : Arif On : 16/9/2013
   Dear Mr. greeting. The mangal shakti oil is working fine, I am using it to meditate and also for healing. possibly, I will do new order next week.
Posted By : Romero On : 23/6/2013
   just got my power pearl 1001 night thanks
Posted By : sushila kumari On : 11/6/2013
   i got my 14 mukhi today which i purchased and i am very much satisfied
Posted By : smith On : 08/5/2013
   I order for the satchandi anusthan some days before and i pleased to inform it bring great changes in my life , many thanks
Posted By : clark On : 08/5/2013
   A few years after receiving the Cobra Pearl red in color and with a likeness to the one in the posted photo from Astrotalisman that is also defined on this website as the Magical and Most Powerful Talisman on the Planet. I have discovered how to magnify the fragrance by at least a hundred fold that comes from chanting the correct mantras. I start with Mrytunjaya Mantra I received from Guruji and at the same time hold the Mother of Pearl 1001 night I received from Astrotalisman. I then repeat in front of the Naga Pearl the mantras I received from Guruji that have the effect of creating a wonderful sweet rose fragrance from this Pearl. I am always amazed that every single time I chant the correct mantras given to me by Guruji that fragrance is created coming from the Naga Pearl, believed to come from the head of a shape shifting Cobra that can take any form, including that of a human being. I have desired to smell a much more pronounced fragrance coming from the Naga Pearl but sometimes it has been subtle. However, by chanting the Mrytunjaya Mantra holding the Mother of Pearl Talisman and then continuing to hold it while chanting the verses dedicated to this Pearl the fragrance coming out if it is overwhelmingly wonderful. I also find that holding the Mother of Pearl Talisman increases the potency of chanting or meditating with all mantras.
Posted By : David Wheeler On : 30/3/2013
   powerful love spell work is great i appreciate it thanks
Posted By : margaret On : 03/2/2013
   Chmunda talisman is great saviour from black magic power ,i saved by his power continously ,thanks
Posted By : rajesh kumar On : 23/1/2013
   Dear sir, I got good success with Chamunda talisman,my 20 year old sinusitis is almost gone,I am always positive and got very good break through in my business.
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   i heard lot of varah power on internet and atlast i purchased it and it realy works , thanks
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   i order asthlaxmi anusthan and within 10 days of ordering i have lot of positive changes in my business , i am very much greatfull to the Astrotalisman team member
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   i got varah power today and very much satisfied with it energy it realy bring luck for me thanks to Astrotalisman team
Posted By : MAHESH K PATEL MAHESH On : 01/7/2012
   tiger lucky charm is one of the most amazing lucky charm it already change my luck and make me bold and energetic
Posted By : Caro williams On : 01/7/2012
   I received the magical most powerful talisman in planet which suppose to belong to ichadhari nagin , i never come accros such thing in my life earlier , it have amazing power , the day i got it i see the nagin with half human and half snake in my dream and still experiencing lot of changes happening in my life spiritually as well as financially , all the best to Astrotalisman team members
Posted By : Jean francois On : 10/5/2012
   I order and got the mrig power amulet talisman , and i amazed to see the talisman which i never show before its one of its kind and after using for almost 10 days i feeling the difference in my life , its amazing talisman
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   I order sarp shakti talisman and i got the talisman in time , its the one of the best thing i have in my life it is very much genuine product
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   i just got the mahalaxmi powerful talisman and feeling its power
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   i receive varah power and it realy very good item , many thanks
Posted By : R french On : 17/9/2011
   Golden prosperity kavach amulet is realy great kavach amulet i am feeling the difference in my life thanks
Posted By : w t french On : 14/8/2011
   I used chamunda talisman for love spell and vashikaran , realy i got fantastic result Thanks
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   I got this varah power some days before and its realy amazing and powerful talisman as said in website , the day i got it i got one new order in my bsuiness , it realy bring luck for me thanks to Astrotalisman team
Posted By : jen francois On : 03/8/2011
   Everything is going fine in my life but all of the sudden one year back my buisness stop and my health become bad and lot of disturbance in my family i am sure somebody done black magic on me and after suffering for almost a year i come to know about this website and i order the magical skull pearl to improve business and after follow the instruction for 15 days i started getting the positive result and i getting new order in business and my health is getting improved and now everything is normal as before , i realy greatfull to Astrotalisman
Posted By : manoj agarwal On : 03/8/2011
   I got the order 14 mukhi rudraksha nepal 7 days back and it the amazing quality .thanks
Posted By : Sushil maheshwari On : 06/4/2011
   I just got the chamunda talisman and already feeling the power ,thanks to Astrotalisman
Posted By : samuel alberto On : 06/4/2011
   I thought I had made my last comment about the talismans I have received and the support I have received from my guru , but I wanted to convey how much I have received from Astrotalisman, its owner Dr Yogi and Guruji. I recently received Guru Mantra spiritual initiation from Guruji and I realized after doing so that I have been waiting all my life to finalize my relationship with my Guru with the ultimate mantra for the evolution of consciousness and the development of siddhis. Also, I purcahsed the Ichadari Pearl from Astrotalisman and after receiving the Guru Mantra it is emitting more fragrance than every when I chant the mantras associated with the Ichadari Pearl..
Posted By : Dr David Wheeler On : 31/3/2011
   i enquire a lot before getting mrig amrit kund from this website but after getting it , what to say about this extra ordinary product it great to have this product what a soothing smell it have it realy given me new life and every time i touch it like i acheive something in my life and i felt some vibration in center of my head and it happens first time with me and their is lot to say about this product but it personnal. they have told me to do many thing with mrig amrit kund and it realy work great for me .
Posted By : Mose patrick On : 22/3/2011
   i bought tiger lucky charm from this website it realy work great and i got new energy from this amazing product
Posted By : french On : 22/3/2011
   I just got mrig amrit kund from this site ,at first i have various types of doubt in my mind becoz it vey costly item but afer aquiring it i see that it hold the vey strong natural fragnance and it realy amazing smell i just hold in my hand and it like my whole body started vibrating and the fragnance is so strong and cozy that i feeling that i am in heaven some super natural powe is their in my room. i think it the most natural product i ever had and seen in my life and i hope their is many thing will come in my life
Posted By : D. Anthony On : 09/11/2010
   I got the Powerful magical pearl for to improve business 25 days before and follow the instuction given by them and it realy works my income increase by almost 50% within the short period and i realy greatful to Astrotalisman team
Posted By : Arvind dsouza On : 17/11/2010
   Third Testimonial for Ichadari Naga Mani: So much has happened in such a short period of time since receiving the Ichadari Nag Mani from Astrotalisman. The Divine Fragrance continues to be created with regular spiritual practice. However, my relationship with acharyaji evolved to taking Diksha (initiation) and discovering him as the Guru I have been waiting to me from the day I was born almost sixty years ago. My meditations and simply living day to day has become so wonderful and connected with the Love of God that it is beyond any capacity to describe.
Posted By : David Wheeler On : 07/9/2010
   Testimonial Two for Ichadari Pearl: After only a few days the experiences with the Ichadari Pearl are truly wonderful. I received instructions from Astrotalisman about how to meditate with the Ichadari Pearl so that it emits a wonderful fragrance that didn?t exist before. In other words, if you smelled the Ichadari Pearl before starting this specific spiritual practice, there wouldn?t be any smell and then after a few minutes of following the directions for the specific spiritual practice provided by Astrotalisman there is a wonderful fragrance of roses and lavender. This fragrance fills the room and only gets stronger over time. The Flute of Krishna is Divine Fragrance. Finally, the Ichadari Pearl can be soaked in water to make a powerful healing elixir. As it says on the Astrotalisman website, the Ichadari nag mani is the most powerful Talisman in the universe and my experience tells me this is absolutely the truth. Again, there is no better source on the internet for powerful Talismans for healing, transformation and to create a shift in life to attract prosperity and success. After another month I will report again on the Ichadari pearl.
Posted By : Dr David Wheeler On : 27/8/2010
   First Testimonial for Ichadari Naga Mani : I just received the Ichadari Naga Mani from Astrotalisman and immediately I was bathed in an ocean of very gentle energy, which at the same I could feel the unlimited dynamic potential for its effect. Where as my experience with the Chamunda Power Talisman was more aggressive and somewhat limited to the area directly around my body but somewhat out into the environment, with my meditation on the Ichadari Naga Mani Pearl I could see and feel a wonderful, blissful energy expanding to infinite space around my body, while at the same time saturating my body and opening up all nadis and chakras. Sitting in meditation the first time with the Ichadari Naga Mani took me very deep into an experience of inner light (the bindu point of light within and nada vibrational music of the spheres). I can tell right away that the effect of the Ichadari Naga Mani is more holistic, smooth and impactful on me and my connection with the universe around me. If the goal is to change outcomes in life to be more prosperous and successful it is necessary to make a quantum connection with everything going everywhere in the cosmos and beyond. After a few days of meditating with the Ichadari Naga Mani I will provide a second testimonial report. Again, as I have indicated in other testimonials, Astrotalisman is absolutely the best source of spiritual items from India and other countries (with a special emphasis on Tantrik) that will make a real difference in life for healing and changing outcomes as more prosperous and successful.
Posted By : Dr. David Wheeler On : 25/8/2010
   Testimonial about the Chamunda Power Talisman: Although I was very impressed with the Power Pearl 1000, I am even more impressed with the Chamunda Power Talisman. Using this Talisman is a spiritual practice unto itself. I sit with the Talisman on my alter and don?t even need to repeat the secret mantra, although I do at times depending on how the Goddess Chamunda directs me at the time. I hear divine melodies of inner music and see radiant light fill my body and the inner and light and sound takes me on an inner journey of meditation, with visions of the Goddess and other divine beings. The other night I wanted to help my wife who was having terrible pain in an infected tooth, which was damaging her immune system and causing other secondary health problems. While meditating with the Chamunda Power Talisman I asked the Goddess to heal my wife and within a few minutes my wife came down to tell me that she was feeling much better and with much pain. I meditated with the Chamunda Power Talisman again the next morning and continued my prayers to the Goddess to continue healing my wife. in the morning she said all her pain and swelling was gone and that she had seen the Goddess in her meditations and dreams. I have also found that worshipping and meditating on the Goddess with the Chamunda Power Talisman has been very healing to my body and that my health issues have improved dramatically. I am also asking the Goddess to help me with some business challenges that have come up recently and I can see the Goddess working on these problems. Of all the online companies providing spiritual items I am more impressed with Astrotalisman than any other company anywhere in the world. I currently am waiting for the very rare Mani that was shipped to me a few days. Based on the tremendous power that comes from the Chamunda Power Talisman I know that I am about to receive another special and wonderful Talisman from Astro Yogi For You that will create even more benefits in terms of healing, wealth and other positive benefits as well as fight against any negative powers that are out to hurt me or my family. I offer my blessings, thanks and gratitude to the people that own astrotalisman and all those other people associated with this company to provide amazing spiritual products.
Posted By : Dr David Wheeler On : 23/8/2010
   The Power Pearl 1001 is truly amazing. After forty years of meditation practice and teaching meditation (teacher for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi TM and Siddhis Coordinator) I find the mother of pearl talisman to be very effective. The challenge is to move from a general spiritual effect that will make liife better to being able to direct forces to make changes in your life and the lives of other people. The Power Pearl does just that, connecting a person to a wide range of higher beings that can assist in bringing about almost anything in life. I am very impressed.
Posted By : Dr David Wheeler On : 11/8/2010
   i received the 21 mukhi rudraksha form this company and i realy appreciate them , the quality is realy very good and authentic and it works
Posted By : Ankit kumar On : 03/8/2010
   i have order for baglamukhi yagna and fire ritual and the result was amazing within a month i found th result
Posted By : ashmita patel On : 04/4/2010
   I got 14 mukhi rudraksha from this site and its amazing quality
Posted By : Durga agarwal On : 18/3/2010
   it great to have a jinn for business , i realy think i will acheive all which i want to acheived in my life
Posted By : raj On : 16/3/2010
   Hi realy the baglamukhi kavach is the great ,i solved my all problem
Posted By : thomas On : 24/3/2009
   I order for bal durga power with mahayantra,and i cant imagine that within 15 days i got the result for which i ordered , Everytime i think that their is some black magic done against me ,i have problem in health and in my business , after acquiring witihn 15 days i feel some psoitve energy is with me everytime and someone is helping me to overcome all my problem , Realy i very much thankful to astrotalisman Team
Posted By : san francis On : 28/2/2009
   I order for thirteen mukhi rudrakhsa , i have many doubts i my mind when i ordering , but after getting it i come to know its 100% genuine and within a month one of my court case get solved and i got order with good profit realy i am thankful to astrotalisman team
Posted By : Kaushik On : 25/1/2009

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