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Sarp shakti talisman

Rs. 51000/ USD 950

This sarp shakti is powerful talisman,and one of the most rare item in the world .it not available so easily , when you have it you feel it power . you can see it power live with your eyes . It function is as follows:- Attracts luck; improves business/sales; attract crowd ,customer and crowd ;improves social life; prosperity; wealth; increases charisma, personal magnetism, and authoritative bearing; Political influence ,wards-off negative energies, black magick, and psychic attacks; wards-off negative spirits; source of raw magickal energies; general protection;remove depression . No evil energy can attack you if this is with you . very Rare thing to get it ( highly recommended for to remove all evil energies and black magic effects surround you and to increase business sales and income and sudden income or winning lottery) Kindly note : we dont sale any animal item . All our talisman is natural stone or amulet having natural power and magical power infused for to make it powerful by doing ritual .