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Sheshnag puja

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SHESHNAG - THE INFINITE - THE BED ON WHICH VISHNU RESTS the god Vishnu, it has been a god venerated by all and worshipped by many for centuries. The Nags have three Kings, VAASUKI, TAKSHAK and SHESH. ... Shesh Nag is the serpent with a thousand heads and is also called 'ANANTA shesh nag is said to be the remainder when the universe destroyed and the power of creation lord vishnu rest on its coil . Time to time when the lord vishnu take the avatar in this earth the shehsnag also come with him in different avatar for to serve him , the two most famous form of shehsnag is Laxman the brother of lord RAM and the second one is balram borther of lord krishna . this sheshnag puja have great power to save you from all danger , give you protection and safety form sudden death , , protection from black magic and evil power . Give you prosperity , wealth and money . Very good to remove any sarp dosh and kal sarp yoga in horoscope . This puja performed for 5 days by 7 tantriks brahmins. After placing order send your birth details with full name.