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chamunda anusthan wiith homam

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Chamunda anusthan is among the most powerful ansuthan of Hindu mythology . The mantra of Goddess chandi or chamunda is the essence of Gayatri and Panchdasi mantra .Further each letter of the mantra has tremendous potentials. 1) Aim - It represent the Goddess Saraswati ( Goddess of speech and education) It enhance the fluency of speech and command and relief from headache ,It make you learned and highly educated person , It also provide Vak Sidhi ( whatever you tell it comes true) 2) Hreem - It represent Goddess Mahalaxmi (Goddess of Wealth and money ) It has power to provide all types of wealth and money through all sources in any field 3) Kleem - It represent Goddess Mahakali ( Goddess of Protection and Destroy enemies) It make you victory over enemies ,law suits,legal matters, black magic , evil power ,ghost ,voodoo magic or any negative entities. 4) Cha It provide long life for wife and conjugal bliss. 5) Mum - arousing or activating kundalini. 6) Da - begetting long sons and daughters and long life for them 7) Yei - It represent prosperity 8) Vi - all honours and prestige 9) Chche - for perfection. So chanting of chandi mantra or having it anusthan with homam ,Goddess chamunda protect the person as divine mother safeguard at all cost and provide all comforts and fulfill all wishes as mentioned above. We do the 3 lakh of chamunda jap ( mantra reciting ) done by 7 brahmins for 7 days and then the homam ( fire ritual) performed . We provide you the free Amulet kavach and sidh yantra after completion of anusthan energised in ritual .