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Vishnu puja

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LORD Vishnu is one of the most powerful deities of the Hinduism and one of the Three Gods alongside Brahma and Shiva. HE IS THE GOD WHO IS RUNNING THIS WORLD . Also known as Narayana, Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the Universe. He has taken different avatars on earth whenever their evil forces threatened mankind to save this world and to reinstate dharma . Their is many miracle happens with devotee of lord vishnu while just having faith in him and performing simple day to day puja .His idol as Lord krishna can be find almost each and every home of hindu . Doing or performing his ritual can help people prosper in life .overcome from any problem .help to make human life stable .he also provide abundance of wealth to make person rich and also make our wishes true .Also help to cure any curse and attain moksha . We perform 1.25 lakh of jap of Lord Vishnu for 7 day by 7 learned brahmins followed by havan or yagna. We also send the energised vishnu yantra and kavach after ritual completed. PURUSHOTTAM MONTH SPECIAL TILL 16.6.2018