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The Arabian Genei

Rs. 56400/ USD 1200

A genie of a higher class, a "king" amongst the regular genies--this one comes from the Middle East and Arabic is its native tongue. This type of genie is acquired by the occult adept with great difficulty and thus its availability is limited. This king genie, like the regular genie kings, can be requested to assist its user to improve many aspects of his/her life. The difference between genies of the royal class and the regular genies is that these higher class genies work much faster, is much stronger, and give better results; command the genie for charisma, protection, personal magnetism, prosperity, luck, love, advancement in career, win tenders, business success, political advancement, etc. It is recommended that the user gain experiences with other genies that we offer prior to acquiring and practicing with this item. Simple chanting is required to command the genie but it is not too difficult.