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Shri Sarvasiddhi Maha Yantram - colored

Rs. 2585/ USD 55

A yantra complete with all the deities of wealth, prosperity, protection, success and knowledge for fulfillment of all material desires. The most powerful yantra set made in thick shining copper sheet comprising of the following exclusive 9 yantras: Shree Ganesh, Shree Mahalaxmi, Shree Saraswati, Shree Gayatri Bisa, Shree Yantra, Shree Durga, Shree Mahamritunjay, Shree Hanuman, Shree Baglamukhi. Made with high quality colour which is long lasting, rust proof, water resistant & has glossy finish. Colour brings out the details in the diagrams and different colours are used to enhance the effect of the yantra. Purpose: ? Siddhi, success in undertakings, and intelligence. ? Wealth, prosperity and good fortune. ? Attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength. ? Luck in business, wealth, prosperity and to protect the person from all sorts of dangers. ? Power, authority, vigour and to overcome enemies, law suits, success in quarrels and competitions. ? Free the fear of death, grave dangers, fatal diseases and makes him courageous and healthy. ? Improving impoverished conditions of life.