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Santan prapti puja and yagna

Rs. 28200/ USD 600

All couple want to have a child which bring biggest happiness for them . 2nd priority is to have child with all qualities which Lord Krishna possess . But sometime their are some adverse planetory position in horoscope or some kind of black magic or evil effect which create trouble in having childbirth .According to veda Lord krishna have power to remove any kind of obstacles and provide child to a couple . So the proper puja and yagna done to please Lord krishna to have beutiful child with all qualities like Krishna or lord Vishnu . Santan Prapti Yagya and puja is very powerful to control planetory position and remove all kind of evil effects for depressed couples and have blessing of krishna in form of child . So this puja and hawan conduct for 6 days by 7 brahmins and all ritual ,yagna nd 1.25 lakh of mantra recited on behalf of couple to get success . We also provide the energised amulet as prasad after completion of puja .