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This HIGH GRADE Shark Power talisman contains the power of Big giant of sea Shark in natural way , Shark have authority and brain who is master in manipulating in water and survive with its own abilities .. It make you victorius in every field , it make you brave and bold . It provide you protection against any evil power around the world , it make you calculative , perceptive, primal , instinctive ,powerful, focussed, dynamic, curious, attractive , innovative , superior , efficient , connect with you from spiritual world and provide you unique vision and make you rich and famous . Give you courage to face any situation in life and help you solving it . It is said that this power was used by the Indian king and queen to make their life free from enemies , and get victory in every war and make them fearless and brave . It is fully activated and energised amulet with the very powerful technique said in ancient hindu text ( Highly Recommended talisman amulet) Kindly note : we dont sale any animal item . All our talisman is natural stone or amulet having natural power and magical power infused for to make it powerful by doing ritual .