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Rudra Abhisekam

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Rudra Abhisekam is worshipping Lord Shiva is Rudra Form . This puja is hailed by all vedic scriptures as one of the greatest puja to remove evils and to attain all desires and for all round prosperity. Rudra Abhisekam is the bathing or abhisek of Lord Shiva Linga with water,milk ,curd,sugar ,ghee ,honey and sugarcane and coconut water while chanting the Rudra path or Rudra mantra . After abhisek sandalwood paste ,rice and different type of flowers offer to Shiva ling . Each of the ingredients have their importance in abhisekam . 1. Water and milk offer for spiritual growth ,to get rid of past life sin and attain moksha 2. Sugercane juice offer for good health 3. Honey is for to get money and enhance wealth 4. Suger for all round prosperity 5. Ghee for financial gain or improvement 6. Sandal wood paste and rice for prosperity . 7. Offering of Aparajita flower for vashikaran 8. Offering of lotus for remove obstacle and for good health and money Most auspicious time of performing the Rudra abhisekam is on Shivratri ,Prodosh tithi ,shravan month , or one any Monday or good days , So we perform this Abhisekam in the name of the person who want to perform . and it is performed for 7 days by 7 brahmins while chanting Rudra path. After placing order send us the full name and birth details of the person whose name it will be performed and also can mentioned any specific reason through email. We also send the energised mahamritunjya yantra with rudraksha mala energised in Rudra Abhisekam. If anybody wants to performed can do advance booking in shravan month