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Rs. 350000/ USD 7000

The Sudershan Chakra as mention in the Rigveda as a symbol of Lord Vishnu, and as the wheel of time, and also mentionin hindu mytholgy and the Puranas. In the Mahabharatha, Krishna, identified as Vishnu, uses it as a weapon to destroy any evil thing on universe , Lord vishnu and His avtar lord Krishna done many miracles with this Sudershan chakra .Kill many demons to save this planet and it also known to stop the wheel of time . This chakra hold the tremendous energies of this universe and have power to do any thing , it can do impossible thing possible .Lord vishnu also known as God of wealth so as it is having power of lord vishnu ,it power help to attract large amount of wealth and money . It is known as equivalent power to Brahma astra of Lord brahma . And Trishul of lord shiva . This naturally formed stone have natural sign of chakra in it . It is said that whoever aquired it can easily connect with power of Lord vishnu , and can get blessing and protection of Lord vishnu . so by getting this stone you can have power of time travelling and can see future . The antique value of this stone is Usd 14000 . RAREST OF RAREST ONLY ONE PIECES , ONCE SOLD IT IS SOLD