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Powerful stone of jupiter (sold)

Rs. 42300/ USD 900

This is the natural stone which have a natural sign of planet Jupiter ( Hindi name brahaspati devta) You can clearly see in picture the sign of Jupiter , one of the rarest of rarest stone we come accross . Jupiter is considered to be the planet of fortune , luck and wealth. Jupiter may be judge and jury but its mostly a Honorable helpmate , seeing to it that's we are on the right path .Jupiter is responsible for our success accomplishment and prosperity . and He is also responsible for spiritual development. So as this stone have natural sign of Jupiter , the acquirer will off course blessed with his power. This stone will bring good fortune , success , prosperity and abundance of wealth to the acquirer and also provide the protection from all sort of bad power . This stone is also good for all shaman and saints for the spiritual development and have success in spiritual path and to attain moksha ( release from cycle of life and death). SOLD no stock