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Powerful kali talisman (out of stock)

Rs. 35250/ USD 750

This powerful mahakali talisman contains the power of Hindu goddess mahakali .She is the terror to evils. This talisman is very rare found talisman have magical power. It give all sort of protection , give you all type of spiritual power ,give you weatlh and money , all comforts of life and wishes will comes true promotion , business expansion , remove obstacles , give you physchic power , improve intution , make you knowledgeable in every feild , make you intellegent , succesful in exams , protect you from armor , give you protection from black magic attacks , clear negative energy , spiritual development . this talisman is the terror for any evil power like ghost , bad spirits ,evil energies , genie etc Its first time we come accross this type of natural talisman , only one and only one piece available at present .Shape size and colour may be differ from picture .