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Powerful Sudershan puja or ritual

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Sudershan is the armour of Lord Vishnu , and according to the hindu scripture it the most powerful armour in this universe and the protector of this universe . Lord Vishnu is the God who take birth in earth for to destroy the evil in our world and Sudershan chakra hold and possessed by HIM. This puja performed for 5 days by seven Brahmins saints . So By performing this ritual and puja one can benefits as mentioned below :- 1. It removes all sort of evil power and enemies surround us . 2. This puja give you courage and victory of enemies . 3. It provide you peace and happiness . 4. It guard you from danger situation if you are facing any or occur in near future 5. If you are suffering from any ailments and diseases due to black magic effects it improve your health . We send you the energised kavach after the puja ritual.