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Power of Hizib Asma' Nashor

Rs. 11750/ USD 250

Contains 8 essential powers: Asma- Hizib Khodimul Ghoib Asma- Mahabbahy Syirry Asma- Hizib Bahr Asma- Karomah Alakasah Asma- Miftahul Arzaq Asma- Hizib Nawawi Asma- Nashr Kubro Asma- Hizib Kubro Programmable familiar spirit! For all sorts of purposes! Simple rituals to solve the varied problems of life. It power of all 8 essential magical power . This item consist of an empowered talisman, some coins, and a bottle of oil to anoint the talisman once a year It also very powerf to solve your every problem