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Pap Kartari Yog shanti puja

Rs. 37600/ USD 800

In a horoscope when a house is hemmed by two or more malefic planets this Pap Kartari Yoga formed . It is applicable on planets also . This is very important yoga which can destroy the result of benefic placement s of planets . This Yoga caused by our sins commited in our past birth .This Yoga cause delay in marriage ,obstacle in life , make you unhealthy and unsuccessful ,Obstacles in career and studies , tension in family ,loss of respect and fame.Obstacels in day to day activities. Our group of astrologer done the thorough research about this Yoga and find a remedial shanti ritual for this Yoga . The best period for shanti for this Yoga is 9 day Navratri period . So we perform the puja and hawan for full 9 days to make the this Pap kartari yoga to Shubh kartari yoga . It is done by 7 brahmins for 9 days .We provide you Kavach amulet after puja completion .