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Mt. Kawi Dewa Daru Wealth Power

Rs. 23500/ USD 500

This magical item comes straight from the famed sacred site and power spot in East Java--"Gunung Kawi" or "Mt. Kawi." This is the site that devotees congregate on auspicious days to receive magical power and monetary/prosperity blessings from Heaven through the agency of the angelic presences in the area. This magical item, among its contents, is a seed (considered as a power- and sacred-object) from the sacred Dewa Daru tree (Equina Uniflora) in front of the gravesites of the eminent 19th century personages buried there--Eyang Djoego, alias Taw Low She and Eyang RM or Iman Soedjono, alias Djie Low She. Many would sit beneath the Dewa Daru tree for hours hoping for the leaves and the fruits to fall on their heads/body so as to acquire blessings--these fallen objects are very carefully preserved for their talismanic value. Now you may receive the Mt. Kawi monetary/prosperity blessing no matter where you reside in the world. Not only is this magical item an empowerment--the rare Dewa Daru (Shian Tho) seed of this site is also a powerful charm that attracts benevolent forces and intelligences to help the user prosper financially--results may be seen within 90 days or less! Also within the package is a bottle of water taken from the holy springs of Mt. Kawi--this holy water as well as the sacred seed have been ritualistically empowered for added power! The initiation-ritual of this magical item is so simple a child could do it (additional prayers are provided for muslims)--all may benefit from this item regardless of religion, creed, sex, etc. Because of the scarcity of the Dewa Daru fruit (thus, the seed), stock of this magical item is limited. This item has been upgraded and is now extra powerful!