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Manohara yogini talisman

Rs. 35250/ USD 750

Their is 64 yogini mentioned in hindu text .They are the form of goddess kali . It is said that all tantrik activities is controlled by this 64 yogini . One of the yogini is manohara yogini which control the vashiakran tantra . By doing tantra activities manohara yogini can be activated and infused in any object or amulet .It provide the power of vashikaran to the person who use this amulet kavach . It act as powerful vashikaran to control anybody wherever you go or you work and your superior .Also useful for the businessman to control their staff and business associate .also good to attract any female person. The power of manohara yogini will reside with this amulet to fulfill the desires of human .We perform the special tantrik puja in very auspicious days to activate this power for full benefit . The amulet start moving automatically when it is actiavated fully .The next day of performing this activation is on night of Maha asthmi that is on 17.10.2018 . You feel effect instantly when you have it .We can also prepare and activate any other yogini as per specific requirement .