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Mahakali anusthan puja ritual

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GODDESS MAHAKALI is the mosty superior among the ten mahavidyas of tantra , which give immediate result to her sadhak , She can give everything which is necessary to live in this world , it give protection from bad influence of planet Saturn , and can fulfill all desires of human She give name fame , money prosperity, protection .car protection.she saves perwon from all miseries and sudden mishaps . MAHAYOGI Ramakrishna worshipped mahakali and attain all types of sidhi .IT is one of the most powerful form of Godess Parvati. For to get free from sorrow , depression , bad effects of planet saturn in horoscope , for to attain mahakali blessing , and for to free from any bandhan prayog and black magic ,for to get money and prosperity , one should perform this ritual anusthan. We provide the energised mahakali picture with yantra and kavach amulet after performing this anusthan ritual We perform 1.25 lakh japa for mahakali mantra by 7 brahmins for 7 days with fire ritual . Meditation Dhyan :- Karaal Vadanaam Ghoraam Muktakeshim-chaturbhujaa, Namaami Rakta Kaaleem Taam Mundmaalaa Vibhooshitaam. Ghor-raavaam Mahaaroudreem Shamshaanaalay Vaseeneem, Baalaark-mandalaakaar Lochana-tritayaa-nvitaa.