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Maha Mrityunjaya Homam

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Mahamritunjaya puja perform to avoid Apamrityus ( untimely deaths ) & to improve longevity. It is said that man possesses100 Apamrityus & one Kalamrityu Mahamritunjaya is the Name of Lord shiva and according to hindu mythology Only Lord shiva have power to give life to the dead person So This homam is done after reciting mahamritunjaya mantra 1.25 lakh time for the person whom it is done seperatley. Mahamritunjaya means victory over death , so it make the person fearless , and victorious in every sphere of life , provide you protection against sudden mishaps , any sort of evil energies , remove evil effects of planets , victory over enemies Their are different types of mantra of mahamritunjaya for diffferent purpose , so just tell us the specific reason at the time of order why you want to perform this ritual puja