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Magical stone of Nagloka ( Snake World)

Rs. 70500/ USD 1500

This is one of the rarest of rarest magical stone of nagloka ( Human snake world) acquired by shamams and powerful saints . It possess many sort of magical power and have 7 colour of rainbow in it according to hindu mytholgy nagalok is situated deep under the sea ,Its the world of human snake call ichadhari nag or nagin , One who possess such stone directly connected with the power of the nagaloka and it change the luck of the possessor , give the acquirer wealth improves business/sales; improves social life; prosperity; wealth; increases charisma, personal magnetism ,and authoritative bearing; wards-off negative energies, black magic, and psychic attacks; wards-off negative spirits; source of raw magical energies; general protection from accidents or sudden mishaps .Very powerful talisman for protection from any evil entities , genie , bad spirits and to avoid bad luck . The item may be different from picture as per availibility .