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Kamdev Rati puja ritual

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The God And Goddess of Love is kamdev and Rati , Kamdev is the symbol of manhood and is attractive , , handsome , and have every qualities which should every man should have for to get attracted and loved by all and Rati is the symbol of beauty and charm which every girl should have , So this kamdev Rati ritual puja performed for to enhance the attraction , for to get noticed by all person , for to get right partner which we desired , or attracted . This ritual puja provide the following result :- 1) IF you want yourself to the center of attraction in your friend circle or in your office 2) You wish to marry a person of your choice 3) You wish to attract some person of your choice and any how you want him or her 4) If you are physically weak and this create problem between husband and wife , this puja will boost your self confidence and make you physically strong 5) You are able to impress others and make attracted towards you 6) It will give you boost to your mind , body and vigour.