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Jupiter Yantra ( brahaspati yantra)

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. According to Hindu Shastra, Brahaspati is the son of ANGIRA RISHI. Jupiter is also known as GURU of all Devtas. According to Indian Astrolgy, Guru is the knowledge (GYAN) of the KAAL PURUSHA. So we can say GURU is the significant planet of brain and knowledge. Jupiter is an auspicious pslanet and is resembled to the native's wisdom, mind power, knowledge, religion, fortune, happiness, welfare, joy, devotion, spirituality, generosity, charity, gentleness, liberality, statesmanship, minister ship, ultra mundane pleasure, fame, wealth power, respect, reputation, honor, dignity and the status etc. So this yantra is very beneficial to please Devta Guru brahaspati and to remove malefic effects of jupiter in horoscope