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Gauri shanker puja ritual

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Gauri is also called Goddess Parvati ,wife of Lord shiva , by performing the both Gauri and Shanker puja remove the various obstacles in marriage and the girl or boy blessed with the suitable spouse . Goddess Gauri and lord Shiva are considered the best couples in all Hindu God and Goddess , and that's why by worshipping or doing puja for both at a time all marriage obstacles removed and it also enhance the chances of getting married to person you love . In our ancient epic it clearly mentioned that various King and queen perfomed this puja to get the Desired wife and husband , Even it mentioned that mother Sita also done this Gauri shnaker pua before marriage to have a husband like Lord Rama. So it is best puja ritual to remove any sort of obstacles in marriage .We performed this puja as said by Ancient guru by doing jap ( mantra reciting ) , puja and homa ( fire ritual)