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Ganesh Lakshmi Power Pendant

Rs. 2350/ USD 50

Pendant Details: Rudraksha Used: 7 Mukhi, 8 Mukhi and Ganesh This is a highly specialized design for Business Persons and is intended for the removal of obstacles in Business and to receive the Blessings and Grace of Goddess Lakshmi. The 8 Mukhi Lord Ganesha Rudraksha that moves and removes all obstacles has been combined with the Special Ganesha Rudraksha that has the Auspicious Feature of Lord Ganesha Trunk and gives wearer perfection in every sphere of life and the Grace of Lord Ganesha. Two of the 7 Mukhi Goddess Lakshmi Rudraksha are added to this combination to increase Wealth in all areas of Life. Silver: 99 Percent Pure Thread: Red and Black Quality: Best