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For to remove any type of evil effects , ghost hurdles bandhan

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a) Hanuman Mantra :- Aum Namo Bhagwate anjaneyaya Mahabalaya Swaha Procedure :- First recite this mantra for 21 rounds daily for three months then It will sidh and you will empowered by its power . After that whenever you will feel uncomfortable you just recite it for 21 rounds . If you will do this mantra in front of Hanuman yantra or hanuman kavach success will be guaranteed. After this mantra will sidh you will feel that Lord Hanumanji will helping you to fulfill every desire in your life. b) Hanuman Mantra :-- Aum Namo Hanumate Rudraavataaryaay Par yantra mantra Tantra Tratak Naashkay sarva Jwarachedakaay Sarvavyadhi Nikrintakay sarva Bhay Prashmanaay sarva Dusht mukh Stambhanaay Sarva KAarya Sidhi Praaday Ramdootaay swaha : Procedure :- Recite it daily for atleast 21 times minimum or more and you will feel the difference in you life , If you recite it for life long not any tantra mantra yantra will effect you adversely . If possible do it in front of Hanuman yantra or wear hanuman Kavach around your neck.