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Batu Kayu Merah Delima

Rs. 9400/ USD 200

Similar to Mustika Merah Delima (magi) but with increased/additional powers due to an intense consecration process. No fasting or difficult rituals on the part of the user! Among its virtues : Invulnerability against all sharp weapons and fire-arms; power punch; anti-black magic; anti-hypnotism; psychic protection; magical body-guard; attracts luck and blessings; influence the mind of others; psychic detection; change the taste of cigarettes; fills objects with power; increase psychic sensitivity; maintain youth--regeneration; improves appearances; charismatic powers; make the "powder of youth"; transfer illnesses to eggs; heal ailments; psychic cleansing; attraction; improves intuitive powers; indwelling familiar spirit--communicate with it; remove bad-luck; peace of mind; etc.