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Asthvinayak anusthan( ritual)

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Asthvinayak puja ritual is very powerful ritual to get blessing of the lord ganesha in all his eight forms . The eight forms of lord Ganesha are 1) Mayureshwar 2) Siddhivinayak 3) Ballaleshwar 4) Varadavinayak 5) Chintamani 6) Girijatmaj 7) Vighnahar 8) Mahaganapati . In this ritual we perform the jap ( mantra reciting )of each form of Lord Ganesha and then perform the havan everyday and this is eight days ritual . Lord ganesha is known to give the instant result in this Era . He is the only Lord who is the form of Omkareshwar (OM the almighty according to Hindu scriptures).Lord Ganesh is also very well known as his intelligence and wittiness . This ritual is very powerful to remove all types of obstacles in human life and provide good health , wealth and prosperity .very good for the person who is in any kind of profession , job or service .it give promotion , make good relationship with the Boss and colleague and it also very good to remove obstacles in marriage . Lord ganesh is also very well known as his intelligence and wittiness .So this ritual also enhance the mental power which make the person intelligent and sharp memory. It help taking right decision in every path of his life .This ritual is also very good for students and researchers . After the anusthan we send the Amulet and Picture of Lord Ganesh energised in the ritual.