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Arjuna Power

Rs. 11750/ USD 250

A wonderful self-empowerment item for acquiring the "ksatria" powers /virtues of Arjuna. Package contains empowered edible substance--this has to be mixed with rose water and then consumed. There are no restrictions and anyone may use this item regardless of race, creed, religion, etc.--this item is more suitable for men though. This item user would acquire attractive powers and charisma t; the user would overcome others easily in battles of will; people would respect and carry-out the desires of the user; the user would appear to be strong, handsome, and macho; the user would acquire physical and spiritual strength and have a healthy, strong defensive/immunity system; the user would automatically possess a magical shield for protection against physical and psychic attacks--he would be safe from harm, accidents, and catastrophe--by the Grace of GOD; during competitions and work the user would acquire an unexpected boost in strength. The Arjuna Power requires a simple verse to be chanted daily for maintenance and the building-up of the power.