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Ancient powerful keris

Rs. 91650/ USD 1950

This magical khodamic keris is suppose to belong to very powerful spiritual japanese master from 12th century who perform various virtues and done various ritual with this keris. This magical khodamic keris have power of khodams and hold good power and can provide you protection from any kind of dangerous weapon invulnerabiity against all sharp weapon and fire arms , power punch ,khodam act as bodyguard and provide you protection shield around your body . Protection against all evil power and black magic , bad genei, bad spirits , ghost , attract luck and money .Make you young and energetic as warrior make you fearless. Make you free from ailments and povide healing power and help to read mind of others , help to communicate with spirits , khodams and geneis ,help to remove bad spirit from body and house and provide protection to home and family and provide protection from all type of enemies and help to neutralise them .Help you to enhance spiritual power and psychic power to communicate and see khodam and spirits . size is 7 x 2 inches. Only one piece available.