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1001 night 21 mukhi rudraksha

Rs. 150400/ USD 3200

21 mukhi rudraksha is very rarely found rudraksha , it very hard to find genuine and authentic rudraksha from indonesia so we fully enrgised 21 mukhi rudraksha from indonesia and make it equally powerful even more than 21 mukhi rudraksha nepal origin , we Processed it with powerful and elaborate rituals mentione in Devi Bhagwat and as handed-down by Hindu saints, this magical empowered 21 mukhi rudraksha is a dream come true for shamans, metaphysical practitioners, occultists, and ceremonial magicians. After 1001 days of initiation-ritual (requires approximately three hours work per night), the powers and virtues of this rudraksha may be activated (through chanting-rituals) and applied immediately--the chants are short and simple, and not difficult to do. Instructions are given for all caste .! Virtues and powers of this item include acquiring a troop of spirit-servants that may be commanded; the power to befriend jinns and spirits from all parts of the world; a high degree of clairvoyance; astral projection--transcend time and space; attract wealth and riches; wounds and broken bones heal quickly and miraculously; protection from fire-arms and protection against electrocution; love-fascination; power-hypnotism and telepathic mind-control; power-purification of bad-luck, curses, negative energies, etc.; Skin-beauty maintenance and healing; prosperity, career-advancement, success in endeavors, etc. This item provides you with the power to transfer magical virtues to others , Other than all this this 21 mukhi rudraksha give all the pleasure , moksha and all which come naturally . so if you required this item you just contact us for availibility.