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Nurul Asror Tasbih

Rs. 16450/ USD 350

A magical tasbeeh or counter-beads (100 beads) empowered using the special methods of the Islamic saints and sufi adepts--the powers and virtues of this tasbeeh are made available through the Mercy and Grace of GOD . Esoteric prayers and hypermetaphysical forces were employed in the ritualistic empowerment of this item among which are the prayers of "Asmaul Husna," "Asror Al Fatihah Syeifi Khusus," "Jaljalut Khodami," "Sholawat Ismu' A'dhom," "Sirr Nurbuat," "Asma' Suryaniyah," "Asho Musa," "Al Qomar," "Ashabul Kahfi," "Sapu Jagad Mubarrok," and "Aji Sholawat batin Nur Muhammad." This particular magical tasbeeh has the following virtues by the Grace of God: it adds power to one's prayers (as it heps attune one to spiritual forces); healing; banishment of negative forces; magical strength/magical martial-art powers (Tenaga Dalam); empowers one to conjure psychic forces/entities and retrieve magical objects (pusaka) hidden in nature; magickal powers of opponents would not function in the presence of the one carrying the tasbeeh; charisma and an authoritative bearing; adds psychic energy to the user and self-confidence; immunity to disasters and major ailments; divine assistance to solve one's problems; ease in earning a living--luck, prosperity; improves psychic sensitivity, intuition, and ESP; psychic guidance, warnings, inspiration, etc; enemies of the user of the tasbeeh would feel uneasy or psychologically tortured; personal magnetism and charm; visitations of magical /spiritual beings; divine protection and that of a thousand angels; magical protection during the attack of aggressors; divine radiance of Nur Muhammad--the power may be used in conjunction with the key-prayer for various purposes depending on one's intent; magical knowledge may be psychically transmitted by the khodams of saints to the user. The key-prayer is to be recited after every prayer of the day--it is short and simple