Talisman and amulets

What is talisman?

Talisman is a object like herbs ,stone ,keris,old age antiques or any kind of other object which possess super natural power and suppose to provide protection ,good luck ,money and prosperity.

Only spiritual guru with sidhies have power to check how much power this talisman have in it .

Many talisman need to activate their power by doing proper ritual . Without proper activation they dont work with their full potencies .

So it should be energised and activated properly before using it by learned spiritual guru .

Some talisman dont need to be activated or energised . It automatically provide benefit to the aquirer by just keeping it with them
But it should be checked by gurus to confirm .

Talisman can be used by making them as locket ,kavach ,rings, if you want to wear it or also can be kept in pocket or at some safe place at home or office .

It is tru God creates human with problem but it is also true He also create solultion for problem . So this talisman is also created by
GOD to solve various human problems .

If the talisman is genuine it will sure help you to solve your problems

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