14 mukhi rudraksha

Rudraksha -the plant seed is one  of the most  auspicious according to Hindu mythology and the 14 mukhi is most high graded among them .

14 mukhi rudraksha  improves intuitive thinking . It is held to sublimate the malefic effects of Saturn . It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. Its wearer never fails in his decisions, get rid of all calamities, miseries and worries. It provides the wearer safety from all sort of attacks and make person rich . The wearer of this Rudraksha get success in all of his works. This Rudraksha make the wearer sharp and intelligent. It removes all the sins and the wearer get the Moksha (liberation) in the end.  Visit website www.astrotalisman.com   for shopping .


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